October 27, 2011

I Need an Intervention!

This afternoon I sat in my classroom, frustrated, staring at files and papers trying to plan for the coming weeks and generally becoming more and more disgruntled.  I began to fall victim to the trap of "do what I did before," but doing what I've always done just isn't the way I do things now.  My philosophy and pedagogy of what my teaching looks like has deeply changed and there's no turning back.  So, my conscience was citing me with offenses this afternoon and it all feels a bit like a rug being pulled out from under my feet.

I need an intervention from old files, cute clipart, and teacher resource books.

Student-centered learning is the goal.  This learning is not always "pretty."  Learning is the journey, the muddy pathway to reach the clearing, the rehearsal before the performance.  While I love the cute clipart at times, and I've had great ideas in years past that I enjoy revisiting with students, I feel convicted to qualify the planning and activities for how the learning takes place.  There is nothing "cookie-cutter" about my students, so there should be nothing "cookie-cutter" about the teaching and learning in our classroom.  Different paths lead to different adventures that may make all the difference.

Change is not easy, or clear, or pretty.  Changing my teaching practice does not come with a cute clipart decorated graphic organizer.  Change insists upon fidelity, perseverance, and whole lot of patience.

On August 1st, I referenced the lyrics from "Defying Gravity" from the musical Wicked.  I need a refresher:
"Too late for second guesses, to late to go back to sleep.  It's time to trust my instincts, close my eyes, and leap.  It's time to try defying gravity..."

Instead of a rug being pulled out from under my feet, I think I'll try defying gravity...

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