February 1, 2012

Goal 2: Highlight a Magical Teaching Moment #30goals

I've struggled with this goal as I've been mulling it over in my mind.  The school year is made up of so many magical moments, a mosaic of learning, growth, and creativity.  Reflecting on my years of teaching, there certainly are students who have made a lasting impression but focusing in on one magical moment has been a challenge.  The long-term part of this goal is so important- to keep a record of the magical moments as they occur.  So I revisited my blog posts and found some inspiration and affirmation in two particular posts, Opening Doors with the Wednesday Walk and License to Blog.

My reflection on these two posts with the frame of reference of a magical teaching moment:

  • An ordinary walk can become an extraordinary learning experience and break down walls for students and teachers alike.
  • I am overwhelmed with my students' response to blogging.  Our blog stats as of today: 287 posts and 896 comments.  The collective voice of my student blog authors speaks with such volume and intention as to why I do what I do as a teacher.
This school year I have taken up the role of a learner in many ways with curriculum changes and integrating technology.  I think the magical moments that stand out to me are the ones directly tied to the difference in the way learning occurs in my room this year.  This goal has been positive encouragement to continue to write about the successes and the magic that happens along the way.

With Enthusiasm,

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