January 15, 2012

Don't Just Sit There

Thank you to my amazing literacy coach, whose wisdom, affirmation, and call to action woke up my educational enthusiasm from a long winter's nap.  You reminded me that it's okay not to do what everyone else is doing, and to go back to my roots and hold fast to my beliefs about education.  Change, just like learning, is messy.  Sometimes it's two steps forward and one step back.  

To keep moving forward, I've given this blog a more appropriate title and redesigned with some color.  My classroom is about to get an overhaul because, well, looks just aren't everything and it needs more functionality instead of "pretty. " My class is getting subscriptions to  eduglogster.com, voicethread.com, and possibly also voki.com.  There are so many amazing ways to integrate these tools into the classroom and my students are going to love it!  I'm also coordinating Quad 80 for the next cycle of QuadBlogging.net where we have two US classes and 2 UK classes of student bloggers.  Finally, a global collaboration!

When I write about my philosophy of education, I'm always drawn to use a comparison to the theatre.  The hours and hours of precious, priceless rehearsal that finally lead to the performance.  Those rehearsal hours can be rough, exhausting, and yet, exhilarating all at once.  Learning is so much the same, with the struggle to understand and the freedom and release of knowing and sharing.

With renewed enthusiasm,

Your thoughts:  What do you do when you need a little inspiration?

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